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Archos 101 Neon (ver. 20131212.­192449) ZIP libéré 2014.01.16.

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Marque Archos
101 Neon
Exploitation Systèmes Firmware
Version 20131212.­192449
Fichier taille 312.71 Mb
Fichier type ZIP
Libéré 2014.01.16
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Firmware for Archos 101 Neon How to install a firmware.­ Firmware is another name for Operating System (OS) or System Software.­ Below,­ you will find the instructions and the latest software to update your specific ARCHOS device.­ You do not have to install all the updates,­ only the most recent one.­ Each update takes into account all the previous updates unless specified otherwise.­ 1.­ Download the update file « update.­zip » to your PC.­ 2.­ Connect the USB cable to your Archos and your computer.­ 3.­ Copy the « update.­zip » to the root of the Internal Storage.­ Do not place it into any folder of the Archos,­ just to the root level of the device.­ 4.­ Unplug your device of the PC.­ 5.­ The Archos will find the update automatically and display a message box offering to install this new firmware.­ Before tapping on "Install",­ you need to connect the charger/­adapter DC-IN to your device.­

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