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7 home tablet (ECLAIR)
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Libéré 2011.06.30
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Firmware for Archos 7 home tablet (ECLAIR) WARNING this firmware is ONLY for the ARCHOS 7 home tablet mark 2 model number A70BHT.­ DO NOT install this firmware on other 7 Home Tablets.­ You can check your model number either on the back of your device,­ or in the android settings (Settings > About device > Model number).­ How to install a firmware.­ Firmware is another name for Operating System (OS) or System Software.­ Below,­ you will find the instructions and the latest software to update your specific ARCHOS device.­ You do not have to install all the updates,­ only the most recent one.­ Each update takes into account all the previous updates unless specified otherwise.­ How to update the software of your A7HT 1.­ Download the archive “updateA7HT.­zip”.­ You can save it to the desktop of your computer for example.­ 2.­ Connect the USB cable to your A7HT and your computer so that the ARCHOS is seen as an external hard drive (as normal).­ 3.­ Unzip the archive “updateA7HT” that you've just downloaded to your A7HT.­ Do not place it into any folder of the ARCHOS,­ just to the root level of the device.­ To unzip (unpacking process) the file,­ newer versions of Windows will do it for you (just open up the zipped folder and place its contents onto the ARCHOS 7).­ If not,­ there are many freely available software products that can unzip the downloaded file for you.­ If the operating system of the computer offers you to erase,­ replace,­ or merge the files or folders when copying to the ARCHOS,­ agree.­ 4.­ Unplug your device safely as usual using the green “disconnect safely” arrow in the system tray.­ 5.­ The A7HT will find the update automatically and display a message box offering to install this new firmware.­ Before tapping on "Install",­ you need to connect the charger/­adapter DC-IN to your device.­ The A7HT will find the update automatically and display a message box offering to install this new firmware.­ Before tapping on "Install",­ make sure you connect the charger/­adapter to the DC-IN of your device.­ Important warning: Upgrading your device's software will reset all your settings (including the WiFi settings) and erase your applications (you can re-download them again later).­ 6.­ Once the firmware update process is completed,­ your A7HT will automatically restart.­ You must then go though the installation wizard.­ Not only will this process allow you to configure the basic settings of your player,­ but will also give you updates to the pre-installed applications,­ including the special AppsLib application which gives you access to the applications store and hundreds of free applications.­ You can then re-download any applications that got deleted during the update process.­

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